Retro Cafe Series by Cat Shopkeeper/Original Drip Coffee (Cafe Kijiitora/Coffee Hachiware)" Post Office Limited


Cafe Series by Cat Shopkeeper / Original Drip

Coffee (Cafe Kijitora/Coffee Hachiware) Futaba's drip coffee "Retro Cafe Series by Cat Shopkeeper / Original Drip Coffee (Cafe Kijitora/Coffee Hachiware)" produced by Atsuhisa Kawakami, a master bean roaster will be sold exclusively at post offices. The coffees, each weighing 8 g and priced at 250 yen (tax included), will go on sale on April 3.


Coffee Cafe Kijitora This drip coffee blend (1 cup) has a subtle aroma and sweet and sour taste.

Drip Coffee Cafe Kijiji Tora



A drip coffee blend (1 cup) with a delicious, bitter, and aromatic taste.


The coffee package is an eco-friendly paper-based package. The design of a cat in the image of a retro coffee shop owner and the two original blends of coffee that you can choose according to your taste will bring you a wonderful moment as if you were spending time in a coffee shop.

About Atsuhisa Kawakami, Bean Master Roaster Atsuhisa Kawakami

jumped into the coffee industry by chance at the age of 24. He apprenticed himself to the legendary roaster Hitoshi Tanaka, who was called the god of roasting, and worked tirelessly to master his techniques. Kawakami uses charcoal for roasting. Coffee roasted only over charcoal requires a high level of skill, but it is said to be highly aromatic, and has a rich, mellow, and fragrant aroma.