In Love with Pudding, Esola Ikebukuro "Retro Pudding Roll

Retro Pudding Roll" will be sold exclusively at Esola


store. The release date is March 30.


Pudding Roll "Retro Pudding Roll" is a confident product made with whipped cream and "Retro Pudding" rolled up in a gently light-textured roll dough using Nasu Goyou egg and Hokkaido Jersey milk, which are used in the very popular Retro Pudding. The rich retro pudding, like custard cream, is a perfect match for the moist and fluffy roll cake. The caramel, which is served separately, is specially made for the pudding rolls and is flavored with maple. The slightly bitter caramel accents the pudding rolls, making them easy to eat even for those who have a sweet tooth.

Also available in a value-priced whole size. It is about three times the size of the regular "Retro Pudding Roll.

Retro Pudding Roll 1 cut (5.6cm) 480 yen (tax included, same below)
Retro Pudding Roll Whole (17cm) 1,350 yen