Morinaga Milk Industry Mount Rainier Black Unsweetened

Morinaga Milk Industry Mount

Rainier Black Unsweetened From the "Mount Rainier" series, Morinaga Milk Industry will sell "Mount Rainier Black Unsweetened". The product is 330 ml in volume and will be sold at an estimated price of 170 yen (excluding tax). The product will go on sale on April 4.


Rainier Black Unsweetened "Mount Rainier Black Unsweetened" is an unsweetened black coffee made from a blend of the highest grade beans carefully selected by coffee connoisseurs. The espresso coffee is made from freshly ground beans roasted in Japan and brewed in-house. It has a robust coffee flavor but a clean aftertaste, so it can be enjoyed with a meal.

In addition, the first paper carton container with a cap was adopted for "Mount Rainier," allowing the user to enjoy the gorgeous aroma of the coffee from the mouth. Furthermore, since it can be stored at room temperature, it is convenient for bulk purchases, stocking up, and carrying around.


Rainier, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, is a pioneer brand that created a new category of "chilled cup coffee. Aiming to "provide a place in the heart of each individual through a wide range of drinking experiences centering on milk and coffee," the brand delivers the taste of espresso and milk that can be enjoyed easily anytime and anywhere, moments of refreshment and relaxation, and the beginning of rich and happy times.