Sukiya "Unadon" and "Unagyu

Sukiya "

Unadon" and "Unagyu" Unadon and Unagyu will go on sale at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 5 at Sukiya. 1,941 stores will sell the products. The sales end date has not yet been determined.

Sukiya's unagi (


) bowls are made by repeating the process of "dipping the eel in sauce and grilling it" three times to make it fragrant and fluffy. The tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat is a perfect match with the rice that has been seasoned with a moderate amount of sweet sauce. You can enjoy it with aromatic sansho (Japanese pepper) to your liking.

Sukiya serves only eels that have been confirmed to be safe. From the time before the eel is farmed to the time it is sold at the restaurant, it undergoes a rigorous 10-times inspection.


Unagyu, which is sold at the same time as Unadon, is Sukiya's signature beef simmered in a secret sauce and served with unagi. You can enjoy the flavor of both the fragrant and tender eel and the beef bowl.

This year's lineup also includes the "Unagyu Dish" as a stand-alone item. It can be enjoyed with other products or as a side dish at home.

Prices including tax are as follows

Una-don: regular bowl 890 yen/ large bowl of rice 930 yen/ special bowl 1,470 yen
・ Unagyu: regular bowl 1,050 yen/ large bowl of rice 1,090 yen/ special bowl 1,630 yen
・ Unasara: regular bowl 790 yen/ special bowl 1,370 yen
・ Unagyu-asara: regular bowl 950 yen/ special bowl 1,530 yen