Sakiyo-ken "Onigiri shioumai bento" (rice ball shioumai lunchbox)
rice ball siomai lunch box

Saki Yoken

Onigiri Siu Mai Lunchbox Saki Yoken will introduce Onigiri Siu Mai Lunchbox, available for reservation on its official website from April 3 to 9, 2023, and to be delivered at 140 stores mainly in Tokyo and Kanagawa from April 10 to 12. The price is 1,100 yen (tax included).

Sakiyo-ken "Onigiri shioumai bento" package
Onigiri shiomai lunch box package

One of the original "Onigiri-Ekiben" (boxed meal


rice ball) from 26 ekiben vendors belonging to the Central Association of Railway Businesses in Japan, which will be introduced on April 10, 2023, "Ekiben Day.

Contents of "Onigiri shioumai lunchbox" from Sakiyo-ken
The contents of the shiomai lunch box are made into rice balls!

In this project, the lunchboxes will be named after "nigiri-meshi," which is believed to be the beginning of ekiben, as Ekiben Day, which was established in 1993 to pass on ekiben culture, will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2023. To enhance the traveler's mood, an ekiben card will be attached to the boxed meal, which will introduce tourist attractions recommended by each ekiben vendor.

The Onigiri Siu Mai Bento from Saki Yoken features the side dishes of the Siu Mai Bento as the ingredients for the Onigiri.

The "shiumai with meat sauce onigiri" is a traditional shiumai with a meat sauce. The secret ingredient, burnt soy sauce, enhances the flavor of the shi mai.

The "Tuna with Smoked Mayonnaise Rice Ball" is grilled marinated tuna, which is then broken up and dressed with smoked mayo. The flavor of green onion and ginger is addictive.

The "Chicken Karaage and Anzu Garlic Butter Flavored Onigiri" is an unexpected combination that has been a hit with fans. The garlic butter flavor and the sweet and sour taste of the anzu will leave you wanting more.

The "Fried Rice Onigiri" is a rice ball with fried rice, which is Saki Yoken's specialty.

In addition, the side dishes include four traditional shioumai, bamboo shoot stew, kamaboko, omelet, kirikonbu & shredded ginger, and ume plum.

Sakiyo-ken "Onigiri shioumai bento" (rice ball shioumai lunchbox)
And ekiben cards.

In addition, 100 people will win all 26 types of ekiben cards by drawing if they apply by mail to the Central Association for Railway Business in Japan.