Marunaga Confectionery "Aisu Manju Dessert Cream Daifuku

Marunaga Seika "Aisu Manju Dessert Cream Daifuku"

Marunaga Seika will release a new product "Aisu Manju Dessert Cream Daifuku" on April 17. Actual release date may be delayed slightly depending on retailers.

Aisumanju Dessert Cream


Sweets with plenty of fresh cream are popular throughout the year, and in light of the recent trend toward the standard combination of Japanese and Western ingredients, this new product was planned and developed as a new product that is simple, easy to understand, familiar to a wide range of people, and has a trendy feel. The popular sweets are expressed by taking advantage of the coldness that only ice cream can provide.

Fresh cream-flavored ice cream with azuki bean paste and rice cake

This ice cream bar allows you to enjoy the taste of chilly "cream daifuku" itself. The smooth ice cream is filled with fresh cream, azuki bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki beans, and soft mochi (rice cake) even when frozen. The light and rich flavor of the fresh cream ice cream, the sweetness of the azuki bean paste, and the glutinous texture of the mochi (rice cake) make it taste like Daifuku with cream.

Marunaga Confectionery "Aisu Manju Dessert Cream Daifuku

[Product Outline]
Product Name: Aisumanju Dessert Cream Daifuku
Type: Ice Cream
Launch Date: April 17, 2023
Estimated Price: 194 yen (tax included)
Volume: 95 ml
Sales Area: Nationwide