Fujiya "Cherry-scented Strawberry and Vanilla Mousse Cake".

Here is a summary of new cakes to be sold by


. The new cakes are "Cherry-scented Strawberry and Vanilla Mousse Cake," "Strawberry-filled Celebration Cake," "Shortcake Jewel Box (Tochiaika from Tochigi Prefecture x Ruby Chocolate)," "Nama Milky (plain)," and "Nama Milky Kameshi Lychee Mone Flavor (using lychee from Miyazaki Prefecture).

Cherry-scented strawberry and vanilla mousse cake

: Vanilla-scented cake with cherry sponge, layered with cherry crunch and strawberry mousse for a gentle taste. This is a recommended item for spring. It measures 95 mm (W) x 60 mm (H) and is priced at 520 yen (tax included, the same below).

Fujiya "Cherry-scented Strawberry and Vanilla Mousse Cake".

Celebration cake with plenty of straw

berries: Strawberries are abundantly decorated in the sandwiches and toppings. With a macaroon cock with a congratulatory message, this cake is perfect as a gift. It measures 70 mm (H) x 95 mm (W) x 50 mm (H) and is priced at 1,280 yen.

Fujiya "Strawberry Filled Celebration Cake

Shortcake Jewel Box (Tochigi Tochiaika x Ruby Chocolate)

A generous amount of Tochiaika strawberries and condensed milk cream are wrapped in cherry-scented ruby chocolate cream. This is a springtime item with a taste of strawberries and ruby chocolate with a fruity flavor. It measures 70 mm in diameter x 60 mm in height and is priced at 680 yen.

Fujiya "Jewel Box of Shortcake (Tochigi Tochiaika x Ruby Chocolate)

Raw Milky (plain

): Made with condensed milk and fresh cream from Hokkaido. The 7-grain package is open to the public.

Fujiya "Raw Milky (Plain)

Raw Milky (

KAMISHII Lychee Mone Flavor

): Puree made from lychee produced in Miyazaki Prefecture is kneaded into the dough of this raw Milky. The soft sweetness of the raw milky and the fresh flavor of lychee will fill your mouth. 6 pieces in a package, price is open.

Fujiya "Raw Milky, Kakishi Lychee Mone Flavor (made with lychee produced in Miyazaki Prefecture)".