Red Hat "Milk Butter Sable
Milk Butter Sable

Red Hat Milk

Butter Sable Red Hat will introduce Milk Butter Sable as a baked good made with domestically produced milk and butter. It will be available at supermarkets and GMS nationwide from March 25, 2023. It will also be available at the official online store of Red Hat from April 1. The product contains 6 pieces and is priced at 360 yen (tax included).

Red Hat "Milk Butter Sable" package
6 sheets per package

Made with Japanese milk and butter!

A clover


that makes you feel happiness The red hat is made in the shape of a clover, which is a symbol of happiness and loved by people.

Red Hat "Milk Butter Sable
Happiness clover shape

The milk jam made from domestic milk and sugar is slowly boiled down and kneaded into the sable dough, creating an elegant, rich, and milky taste.

The rich aroma and pleasant texture of the butter used in 17% of the sablet dough can be enjoyed together with the crisp and light texture that is the key to the sablet's flavor, according to the company.