Lotte "Coolish Green Vanilla" and "Coolish Green Strawberry
Drinking ice cream made with plant-based milk!

Lotte Coolish Green

Plant Milk Drinking Ice

Creams "Coolish Green Vanilla" and "Coolish Green Strawberry" made from plant milk will be released by Lotte and will be available from March 27, 2023. Both products are 135 ml in volume and have an open price.

The new products are made with soy milk and pea-derived plant milk instead of dairy products, and have been developed to be enjoyed by both children and adults by reducing the unique aroma and flavor derived from soybeans and making them easier to drink. The packaging design is different from the regular product and has a natural world view.

Coulish Green


"Coulish Green Vanilla" has been sold on a trial basis since March 2022 and has been well received. It is made with vegetable milk and has a smooth, vanilla flavor. The product will be sold nationwide, but will not be available at convenience stores.

Lotte "Coolish Green Vanilla
Coulisse Green Vanilla

Coolish Green


"Coolish Green Strawberry" is made with plant-based milk derived from soy milk and pea milk, with the flavor of strawberries with just the right amount of acidity to provide a rich and refreshing aftertaste. It contains 5% strawberry juice. It will be sold exclusively at some corporate stores nationwide, excluding convenience stores.

Lotte "Coolish Green Strawberry".
Coulisch Green Strawberry