Bourbon "Mottochiri Warabimochi Cookies
Mochi Warabimochi Cookie

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ottochiri Warabimochi Cookie Bourbon will introduce "Mottochiri Warabimochi Cookie" as a new sweet that expresses the taste of Warabimochi in a baked sweet. It will be available at convenience stores, mass merchandisers, drugstores, retail stores, and kiosks from March 21, 2023. Each package contains 10 cookies at an open price.


, known for its Western-style sweets such as "Lumande" and "Roanne," has prepared a new product with Japanese-style characteristics. The moist and sticky texture of the cookies is also highlighted on the package.

The product consists of a brown sugar-enriched warabimochi wrapped in a moist kinako (soybean flour)-flavored cookie. The rich sweetness and savory flavor of the kinako, along with the texture of the warabimochi, can be fully enjoyed. The best-before date for Mottochiri Warabimochi Cookies is 8 months.