Lawson "Mochi Texture Roll (Mitarashi) Rolled with Walnut Rice Cake


ochi Texture Roll Rolled with Walnut Rice Cake (


A new product in the popular Uchicafe sweets "Mochi Texture Roll Series" will be released at LAWSON on March 21 (Tuesday). The price is 397 yen (including tax).

Mochi Texture Roll Rolled with Walnut Rice Cake


) A Japanese-Western blend of mochi rolls made with walnut dough, whipped topping, and a mitarashi-style filling. The texture of the walnuts is accented by the sweetness of the Mitarashi.

Mochi Shokko-kan


Mochi Shokko-kan Roll is a set of six roll cakes with whipped cream rolled in a glutinous sponge dough, and was launched in 2008.

LAWSON "Mochi-Shokkan Roll with Hokkaido Fresh Cream
Mochi Texture Roll with Hokkaido Fresh Cream

Because they come in packages of six, the packages are designed with a lid that can be closed so that they can be divided into several portions, but purchasers have commented that they finished them all in one sitting even though they had no intention of eating them all, and that they couldn't stop themselves.

From 2018, the company launched the Mochi Texture Roll, a Japanese-Western blend of mochi and gyuhi dough layered with mochi dough, to be enjoyed by both younger generations and seniors. The "Mochi Shokumotsu Rolls Made with Salted Bean Daifuku" launched in November last year sold 1.7 million units in the first three months of sales, and was well received by both men and women of all ages.

LAWSON "Mochi Texture Roll with Salted Bean Curd Daifuku Tailoring
Rolls with a glutinous texture made of salted soy bean daifuku