Fast Kitchen "Dipped Potatoes
dipped potato

First Kitchen Dipped

Potatoes Dipped Potatoes are now available at Wendy's First Kitchen and First Kitchen. Dipped Potatoes will be available on March 23, 2023. The first batch includes four sauces: BBQ, Honey Mustard, Garlic Mayo, and Sweet Chili. The price is 310 yen for the S size (tax included), 390 yen for the M size, 440 yen for the L size, and 710 yen for the "Box Potato! is 710 yen. Single-serving sauces are available for an additional 50 yen per bag.

The "Dipping Sauce Bar," which was available at First Kitchen until three years ago, is being reissued in a new style in response to the many requests for its reopening. You can enjoy the variation of flavors along with the standard flavored fries. The characteristics of each sauce are as follows

Fast Kitchen "Dipped Potatoes


"BBQ" is a rich flavor with a concentrated taste of tomatoes and onions and a smoky aroma. The sweet and sour taste is combined with a spicy flavor to create a rich flavor.

First Kitchen "BBQ (barbecue)" sauce
BBQ" Source.



"Honey Mustard" is a refreshingly spicy sauce made of mustard and French mustard, with the mild sweetness and aroma of honey.

First Kitchen "Honey Mustard" Sauce
Honey Mustard" Sauce



"Garlic Mayo" is a mayonnaise sauce made with deep-fried garlic, which adds a savory and deep flavor. It has a sharp aftertaste that goes well with french fries.

First Kitchen "Garlic Mayo" Sauce
Garlic Mayo" sauce



"Sweet Chili" is a well-balanced combination of spiciness, sweetness, and sourness. It has an addictive ethnic flavor with a hint of garlic.

First Kitchen "Sweet Chili" Sauce
"Sweet Chili" Sauce