Sushiro "Bottoro

Sushiro Offers "Bottoro" on Yellow Pl

ates Sushiro is offering "Bottoro", which is usually served on red plates, on the most reasonable yellow plates from Wednesday, March 15 to Sunday, April 2 (the period during which it is available at all Sushiro stores).



In an effort to make sushi more affordable, Sushiro is offering its popular "Bintoro" on a yellow plate (120 yen/130 yen/150 yen) instead of the usual red plate (180 yen/190 yen/210 yen). Now you can enjoy Sushiro's specialty "Bottoro" at a reasonable price. Pricing may vary depending on the restaurant.

Sushiro "Bintoro" served on a yellow plate

Bottled Tuna" is made from fatty, firm albacore tuna, characterized by the sweetness of its fat and its tender texture. Sushiro carefully selects and uses only the part of the tuna closest to the skin, which is considered the most delicious part. By carefully selecting the best portion, the sweetness of the fat is enhanced and the texture is melt-in-your-mouth.

Sushiro "Bottoro

The number of items sold per day is limited.
This is a regular product.
Not available at "Sushiro To Go" and "Kyotaru Sushiro", take-out specialty stores.
Sales may be suspended or discontinued depending on availability.
The price of the take-out order includes the cost of the container.
Take-out orders may be available only by reservation on the day of purchase.