Hattendo "Creamy buns (custard and blueberry)

Hattendo Creamy Buns Moomin Valley Park Limited

Hattendo collaborates with Moomin Valley Park on "Creamy Buns. The Creamy Buns (custard and blueberry) will be sold at the Moomin Valley Park Library Cafe and Helkkuya in original design packaging. The release date is March 16.

Hattendo "Creamy buns (custard and blueberry)

The original design package of "

Creamy Buns (Custard/Blueberry)"

will be based on a floral illustration designed especially for this product, with a sticker of "Snork's Boy" on the "Custard" and "Moomintroll" on the "Blueberry". These limited edition products are recommended for lunch or sweets during a stroll in the park, or as souvenirs.

A plain, light and simple custard cream with light whipped cream.

A two-layer cream bun with Hattendo's special cream and juicy, lush blueberry jam.

The blueberry version will be discontinued as soon as it is gone. Custard is 400 yen per piece, blueberry is 440 yen per piece (both including tax). Not available at Hattendo stores or online store.