Retort Curry Mango Curry


Curry Mango Curry

I actually tried the retort curry "Mango Curry" sold by Yamamori. The purchase price is 397 yen per box (tax included).


Curry Thai Curry is made with an abundance of Thai mango puree. It is made at the company's local factory "Siam Yamamori" under the same quality control as in Japan, using ingredients unique to Thailand that are procured safely and securely.

Retort Curry "Mango Curry
mango curry

It is characterized by a mild flavor that blends the sweet and sour taste of mango with the richness of coconut milk. The filling is a large piece of chicken meat. It can be served with rice, naan or baguette.

It can be made in a microwave oven. You can also boil it in hot water.

Retort Curry "Mango Curry


roux is yellow in color and contains a large piece of chicken meat as an ingredient. The roux is yellow in color with chicken meat, and is mild because it contains a lot of coconut milk. The aftertaste is juicy with a hint of sourness from the mango. The spiciness is moderate and the sweetness of the mango is strong. Even after swallowing, a slight sourness remains in the back of the throat, just like when one eats fruit.

Retort Curry "Mango Curry

Overall, it is mellow and easy to eat, but it is a taste that can be liked or disliked. It may be a little lacking for those who seek a rich, thick, spicy taste in their curry. It may also not suit those who are bothered by the fruity aftertaste.

Retort Curry "Mango Curry

Retort Curry "Mango Curry

On the other hand, if you're looking for something mellow and sweet, this is for you! Those who like sweet and sour fruit curries will also find this flavor addictive. Give it a try if you're curious!