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yokuro Milk Coffee" Gyokuro Milk Coffee, a very popular menu item featuring the mellow aroma of gyokuro, will go on sale at Ueshima Coffee Shop on March 16 (Thursday) (except at some stores) for a limited time until late May (until it is gone).

Gyokuro Milk Coffee

is a seasonal drink that combines Uji Gyokuro, picked for the first time during the annual new tea season, with Ueshima Coffee Shop's signature milk coffee. The Uji gyokuro used in this drink is cultivated under a shade that shields it from sunlight, allowing the tea leaves to mature slowly, giving it a refreshing, strong sweetness. The whipped cream topping and gyokuro tea leaves together create an authentic taste and mellow aroma of Uji Gyokuro that fills the mouth.

Ueshima Coffee Shop's "Milk Coffee" is a rich cup of coffee brewed with a double flannel drip method and milk. The secret to its delicious taste is the golden ratio of coffee and milk. While the ratio of coffee to milk in a typical café au lait is 5:5, Ueshima Coffee Shop uses a double nerd drip coffee:milk ratio of 2:8, which gives it a well-balanced taste with a strong coffee presence and the richness and mellowness of milk.

Priced at 670 yen for R and 790 yen for L (tax included). Ice cream is an additional 20 yen. Prices differ at some stores.