Cafe Veloce Discount Scratch Campaign

Cafe Veloce Disc

ount Scratch Card Campaign A "Discount Scratch Card Campaign" will be held at Cafe Veloce from March 16 (Thu) to May 19 (Fri) to offer discounts during lunch time.

Discount Scratch


During the campaign period, a discount scratch card will be distributed for purchases of 350 yen (including tax) or more. The discount will be applied to the next purchase of the product with either a 50 yen discount, 100 yen discount, or 200 yen discount.

Cafe Veloce Discount Scratch Campaign

Stores: Café Veloce nationwide
Eligible for distribution: People whose bill is 350 yen (including tax) or more (distributed throughout the day)
Distribution period: Thursday, March 16, 2023 to Friday, May 19, 2023
Expiration date: Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Products eligible for discounts:
<Pasta (5 items in total)>
Royal Neapolitan, rich porcini cream ( Fettuccine, Japanese soy sauce with bonito and sago soup stock, Tarako butter with shiso leaves, Rose pasta with Korean seaweed

<Baked Fresh Dogs & Sandwiches (5 items in total)
Baked Fresh Dog Plain, Baked Fresh Dog Thick Cheddar, Baked Fresh Dog Pickles, Baked Fresh Sandwich Pastrami Chicken & Colorful Vegetables, Baked Fresh Sandwich Camembert & Ham Freshly Baked Sandwich Camembert & Ham

[Mochitto Nan Pizza (2 items in total)]
Mochitto Nan Pizza - Pepperoni & Bacon, Mochitto Nan Pizza - Cheese Takkarbi

Cafe Veloce Discount Scratch Campaign

Pasta is not available at the Kichijoji and Urawa Sakuragusa-dori branches.
* One discount scratch card is not distributed for every 350 yen (tax included).
When using various coupons, those whose bill after discount is 350 yen (including tax) or more are eligible for distribution.
Coupons for combined receipts of 350 yen (including tax) or more are not eligible for distribution.
Some products are subject to change or discontinuation without notice.