Starbucks New Food "Malasada Custard Cream

Starbucks New Food Malasada Cust

ard Cream Starbucks has launched a spring promotion that presents a new world of pop and retro American-inspired food. We tried the new food "Malasada Custard Cream" in person.


Custard Cream The Malasada Custard Cream is a perfect combination of the rich dough and the smooth texture of custard cream with a gentle vanilla aroma. The price is 285 yen for take-out and 290 yen for in-store use.

First of all, the dough is soft and fluffy! You can't get enough of the "soft" and "fluffy" feeling when you bite into it. Then, the thick custard cream overflows from the inside. The aroma of vanilla spreads softly and is a perfect match with the dough! It is quite satisfying, and even though you can feel satisfied with just one piece, you will want to eat more after a while. ...... It is such an addictive dish. This is a taste loved by adults and children alike!

Starbucks New Food "Malasada Custard Cream

Since even a single piece is hearty, it could be a good substitute for lunch. It may also be useful as a small souvenir. Malasada lovers should check it out!