New Starbucks Creamy & Sweet Milk Coffee


has launched a new spring promotion that presents a new world of pop and retro American-inspired coffee. We tried the new beverage "Creamy & Sweet Milk Coffee" first. The release date is March 15.

Tax included: Short 540 yen, Tall 579 yen, Grande 624 yen, Venti 668 yen. In-store use: Short 550 yen / Tall 590 yen / Grande 635 yen / Venti 680 yen.

Creamy & Sweet


Coffee "Creamy & Sweet Milk Coffee" is a rich, thick, sweet, milky coffee. Fresh cream and white chocolate flavored syrup are combined to create a rich flavor layer. The milk coffee is poured over a layer of iced coffee brewed in the store, milk, and vanilla flavored syrup.

Topped with vanilla and coffee-flavored whipped cream, the different textures combine to create a three-layer pop look. The milk coffee and whipped cream are said to be mixed together for a creamier mouthfeel.

New Starbucks Creamy & Sweet Milk Coffee

Every time you drink it, your impression changes!

The three-layer structure arranged with different flavors and textures, such as iced coffee, milk, and cream, allows the taste and impression to change depending on where you drink it! The first sip is a clean taste with a strong coffee flavor, then you change the location a little and suck it up to get a mellow taste of milk, and then the whipped cream is melted to give it a more sweet taste. ...... and it's fun and delicious until the very last sip! It is not too sweet and does not have a heavy aftertaste, so you can gobble it up. Milk coffee lovers will love ....... I want to drink it endlessly. ......

New Starbucks Creamy & Sweet Milk Coffee

The developer recommends "adding caramel sauce" for customization. But if you're going to go through the trouble, just drink it as is the first time! When you are a little tired, hungry, or just want to refresh yourself, try the new Starbucks "Creamy & Sweet Milk Coffee". It's the perfect cup for the warmer weather we're having right now.