Seijo Ishii "Strawberry and Hokkaido condensed milk cream cupcake
Strawberry and Hokkaido condensed milk cream cupcake (Image source: Seijo Ishii official website)

Seijo Ishii's homemade strawberry and

Hokkaido condensed milk cream cupcakes Seijo Ishii's homemade sweets, "Strawberry and Hokkaido condensed milk cream cupcakes," have been announced on the official website. It will be available for a limited time only. The price is 431 yen (tax included).

The cupcake looks like a small shortcake with a sweetened genoise

and strawberry compote jelly

. The bottom is filled with alternating layers of sweet and sour homemade strawberry jelly made from strawberry compote.

From the side, the light yellow genoise and red homemade strawberry jelly are pleasing to the eye. The top is topped with a milky sweet cream made with condensed milk from Hokkaido and finished with a topping of fresh sweet and sour Tochiotome strawberries.

Underneath the cream, there is a crunchy streusel that adds an accent to the texture. This is a must-try item to enjoy at tea time with a cup of warm tea.