Meiji "Xirish Gummi Crystal Mint".
Xylish gummies crystal mint

Meiji Kishirish Gummy Crystal Mint

Meiji's "Kishirish" brand is reborn from gum to gummy, "Kishirish Gummy Crystal Mint" will be available nationwide from April 4, 2023.

From gum to gummy reincarnated!

The "Xirish" brand was Japan's first xylitol


in 1997, but it will be reborn as a new gum product against the backdrop of changes in the gum market, which is expected to reverse its trend in 2022. The new Xylish gum is a refreshingly cool and refreshing flavor that will spread on the palate, while maintaining the characteristics of the original Xylish gum.

The new gummies are hard gummies that have been set to "Chewability Chart 4" in the "Chewability Chart," Meiji's own index that divides the force required to process gummies into six levels and allows consumers to choose the product that best suits their chewing strength. The product is also marketed as being suitable for a change of pace through prolonged chewing.

The packaging follows the design of the Xirish brand, but with a cool and playful design.