Aeon Spring Sweets "Mont Blanc Botamochi


Spring Sweets

From Aeon's sweets series "Select Sweets", spring sweets "Mont Blanc Botamochi", "Dotsuri Orange Tart", and "Spring Full Tart Assortment" will be available from March 15 to March 19. Handled in the chilled dessert sections of the food sections of approximately 400 Aeon and Aeon Style stores in Honshu and Shikoku.

Mont Blanc Botamochi

: A new concept of a Japanese-Western sweet with a sweet bean paste made from Tokachi azuki beans, topped with dorayaki skin, whipped cream, and Mont Blanc cream. Half of a yellow chestnut is placed on top for a variety of textures. The price is 278.64 yen (tax included).

Aeon Spring Sweets "Mont Blanc Botamochi

Dotsukari Orange T

art A spring-like tart in vitamin colors. The tart is baked, topped with rare cheese mousse, and then topped with a generous amount of orange. The tart is approximately 13 cm in diameter and priced at 1,058.40 yen.

Aeon Spring Sweets "Dotsukari Orange Tart


colorful assortment of spring tarts that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. The assortment includes four types: "Caramel Cafe Mocha Tart," "Strawberry Tart," "Green Tea and Azuki Bean Tart," and "Earl Grey Orange Tart.

Aeon Spring Sweets "Spring Full-Service Tart Assortment

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