Chateraise "Caramel & Vanilla Scented Torte" and "Cacao & Nut Scented Chocolate Torte

Chateraise "Caramel & Vanilla-scented Torte" and "Cacao & Nut-scented Chocolate Torte"

will go on sale at Chateraise on Wednesday, March 15.

The Caramel & Vanilla Scented


is made with vanilla cream containing vanilla beans and egg-free sponge, sandwiched between rich caramel custard and decorated with sweet and sour strawberries. It is decorated with sweet and sour strawberries and has a hint of rum as a secret ingredient.

Chateraise "Caramel & Vanilla Scented Torte

The price is 367 yen (tax included). On sale from Wednesday, March 15 to Thursday, April 20.

Cacao & nut-scented chocolate torte

Layers of egg-free cocoa sponge, two types of chocolate mousse (milk and sweet) with rich cacao flavor, and praline paste, decorated with fresh seasonal strawberries. The chocolate, nut, and strawberry aromas and flavors will fill your mouth with delight.

Chateraise "Cacao & nut-scented chocolate torte

The price is 367 yen (tax included). The product will be on sale from Wednesday, March 15 to Sunday, April 30.

The newly developed sponge is made without eggs, replacing them with milk protein. The sponge has a slightly elastic texture that enhances the flavors of vanilla and cacao, while maintaining the same delicious taste.

By replacing some of the "pure fresh cream" used in the cream with "coconut milk," the cream melts in the mouth without being too heavy. The subtle aroma of coconut enhances the flavor of the ingredients.

This product is not recommended for those who are allergic to eggs, as eggs are used in the cream.