Adventure Gummies "Asobon! Gummi Puzzle Grape Flavor

KANRO Adventure Gummies

KANRO will sell educational gummies "Asobon! Gummi Puzzle Grape Flavor" will be on sale. The price is 84 yen (tax included).


Gummy Puzzle Grape


"Asobon! Gummi Puzzle Grape Flavor" is an "adventure gummy puzzle" using Japanese fruit juice with a fruity grape flavor that is easy for children to eat. There are four kinds of animals: elephant, rabbit, penguin, and secret. The product stimulates curiosity and the five senses, and because it can be eaten while having fun, the usual snack time becomes a place for communication between parents and children.

Adventure Gummies "Asobon! Gummy Puzzle Grape Flavor

The packaging is designed to maximally stimulate children's sense of excitement, and comes in three types. The package is designed to tell a story of children exploring a meadow and discovering a big animal together with their Asobon friends, and the binocular-shaped window that shows the contents is accompanied by the words "Who's there? is attached to the binocular-shaped window that shows the contents.

The window opening, which shows the contents in the shape of binoculars, is accompanied by the words, "Who's there? Enjoy these educational gummies that nurture creativity while you play with them as a little reward or a fun snack.