Coffee House Chanoir" brand is terminated.
Coffee House Chanoir, first store in Fussa

Coffee House


will close on March 24, 2023.

Coffee House Chanoir was established in Fussa, Tokyo, in 1965 with the aim of spreading coffee culture in Japan in the same way as "Chanoir" in Paris, France, where various cultural figures gathered and where the culture was born. The brand has been in operation for 58 years, but will end with the closing of the Keio Hachioji store, the last store in Hachioji, Tokyo.

Some of the stores, such as the Chitose Karasuyama and Chofu stores, which have been in operation for over 30 years, have been replaced by the same C-United Group brand, "Coffee House.

The symbol "CHATNOIR," which means "black cat" in French, will be transferred to the C-United Group's "Cafe Veloce," and the policy of "creating a culture of comfortable everyday life" will be transferred to the "Coffee House" brand.