Starbucks New Food for Spring


New Food and Goods for Spring

Starbucks has launched a spring promotion offering a new pop and new world view inspired by retro American. In addition to the Starbucks Cola Frappuccino, new food and goods will be available from Wednesday, March 15.



food: Mixed

Parfait Cake

. It is fun to look around the plate and think about where to start. Priced at 579 yen for take-out and 590 yen for in-store use (tax included, same below).

Malasada Custard Cream

The soft texture of the custard cream with a gentle vanilla aroma is a perfect match with the soft and fluffy dough. Priced at 285 yen for take-out and 290 yen for in-store use.

Waffle Sandwich Bacon and Egg Cheese

A slightly sweet waffle sandwich with salty bacon, egg, and cheese. The sweet and savory taste is addictive. Perfect for breakfast or lunch. Priced at 555 yen for take-out and 565 yen for in-store use.

New Goods

Mugs with pop coffee shop motif designs, glasses with legs, and pin badges are now available. The goods are also filled with a retro American pop world view. You can enjoy a cheerful and cheerful mood at home.

Starbucks New Spring Merchandise

Starbucks Coffee Diner Mug 355ml (12us fl oz) 2,350 yen
・ Starbucks Coffee Diner Glass 355ml (12us fl oz) 3,250 yen
・ Starbucks Coffee Diner Pin Badge Set 1,500 yen

On sale March 15 (Wed) at online stores and March 17 (Fri) at Starbucks stores nationwide Excluding some stores.