Pizza "39 (Thank You) Campaign"

Pizza 39 (Thank You) Campaign

Pizza will be running a "39 (Thank You) Campaign" from Tuesday, March 7 to Tuesday, March 14 in conjunction with Thanksgiving Day.

Thank you! Set

March 9 is "Thank You Day". To show our appreciation, Pizza Pizza will be selling "Thank You! Set" will be on sale.

The "Thank You! Set" is a set that allows you to enjoy a "P (personal) size" pizza at a reasonable price, which can be easily used when ordering for one or two people, or when you want to enjoy an extra slice of your favorite pizza. You can choose from Hand Toss, Italian, and Crispy dough types.

Pizza "Thank You! Set."

A Set

is priced at 390 yen (tax included, same as below). A set is priced at 390 yen (including tax, same as above) and includes a side menu for the regular price of 1,060 yen for a 670 yen discount.

Pizza "Thank you, Set A"

B set

is priced at 390 yen. B Set is priced at 390 yen and includes a side menu normally priced at 990 yen for a 600 yen discount.

Pizza "Thank You! B Set"

C Set

Price is 3,900 yen. Pizza normally priced at 4,580 yen will be discounted by 600 yen.

Pizza "Thank you, C-set"

P size can also be ordered as half & half.
One set per pizza order.
Cannot be combined with other sets or coupons.
Internet orders can only be used on the official website.