Fujiya "Yes, that's right. Sugar OFF" "Yes. High cocoa"

Fujiya "Yes, that's right. Sugar off" "That's right, high cacao. High cocoa"

Fujiya's chocolate that is good for your health "That's right. Sugar-off" and "So it is. High Cacao" will go on sale on March 21 (Tuesday, national holiday).

Are you sure? These chocolates are so tasty and good for you that you may wonder, "Really? The new "sugar-off" and "high cacao" chocolates are made with a focus on taste. The new product was created in response to a customer who said, "I wish there were more tasty and easy-to-eat sugar-off and high cacao chocolates. ...... We are focusing on the deliciousness that only Fujiya, which roasts its own cacao beans, can offer.

That's right.



Milk chocolate with 30% off sugar compared to ordinary milk chocolate (Japan Standard Tables of Food Composition, 2020 edition (8th revision)). Whole milk powder is the most abundant ingredient in this chocolate, which allows you to enjoy the rich milk taste. This chocolate can be easily enjoyed by those who are concerned about sugar content.

Fujiya "Yes, that's right. Sugar off."

The indicated internal volume is 152 g. Open price.

Yes, it is. High cacao

A mellow high cacao chocolate with 70% cacao, made from a unique blend of cacao beans from multiple regions. The cacao beans are slowly roasted at a low temperature, allowing you to enjoy the moderate cacao taste. The quality makes it easy to enjoy even for those who do not like the bitterness characteristic of high cacao chocolate.

Fujiya "Yes, that's right. High cocoa."

The indicated internal volume is 152 g. Open price.