Lotteria "WASABI Half-boiled Tama Teriyaki Burger" and "WASABI Teriyaki Burger

Lotteria "WASABI Half-boiled Tama Teriyaki Burger" and "WASABI Teriyaki Burger"

Lotteria will sell the "WASABI Half-boiled Tama Teriyaki Burger" from March 16 (Thursday) to early May (except at some stores). The simple tasting "WASABI Teriyaki Burger" will also go on sale on the same day.

WASABI Half-boiled Tama


Burger The new "WASABI Half-boiled Tama Teri Burger" is a new product in the "Teriyaki Burger" lineup, popular among people of all ages for its Japanese taste, and has a stimulating spicy wasabi flavor that is addictive. The burger is made with wasabi, which has a nice sweetness in its spiciness, and the Lotteria original "Wasabi Teriyaki Sauce," which has a perfect balance of richness, flavor, sweetness, and spiciness, is combined with a hamburger patty, along with Lotteria original "half-boiled egg" with a thick yolk, lettuce, sliced onions, mayo sauce, etc. The burger is sandwiched in a bun. Sandwiched in a bun. Priced at 520 yen (10% tax included).

Lotteria "WASABI Half-boiled Tamateri Burger

Wasabi Teriyaki Burger

Lotteria's original "Wasabi Teriyaki Sauce" is combined with a hamburger patty, sliced onions, lettuce, mayo sauce, etc., and sandwiched in a fluffy bun. The price is 390 yen (10% tax included).

Lotteria "WASABI Teriyaki Burger


SET" Special Price with Coupon

From March 16 (Thu.) to March 31 (Fri.), present the coupon from the official Lotteria website at the cash register to receive a special set price of 50 yen off the FURU-POTE SET, which includes a FURU-POTE and a "M" drink with the burger.

Eligible burgers are "WASABI Half-boiled Tama Teriyaki Burger", "WASABI Teriyaki Burger", "Half-boiled Tama Teriyaki Burger", and "Double Teriyaki Burger".

Prices differ at some stores.
In some stores, products using "half-boiled egg" may be sold out during business hours, so limited quantities may be available.