Calbee "Frugula Bits Berry Milk Taste

Calbee F

rugula Bits Berry Milk Taste A new product "Frugula Bits Berry Milk Taste" will be available from the "Frugula Bits" series, which is a bite-sized version of Calbee's "Frugula".

The product will go on sale first at supermarkets and drugstores in 18 prefectures in eastern Japan on Monday, March 6. The sales area will be gradually expanded, and the product will be available nationwide by the end of April.

Fulgura Bits Berry Milk


"Fulgura Bits Berry Milk Taste" is the third flavor of "Fulgura Bits" that offers the mild sweetness of milk and the sour taste of berries.

The milk-berry colored dough is topped with strawberries and raspberries. The package is designed with a pink gingham check design, creating a product that tastes and looks cute and fun.

The product is available in a 26g (0.92oz) package at an estimated price of around 128 yen, and in a 55g (1.94oz) package at an estimated price of around 240 yen (both including tax).