Anmitsu Mihamashi "Sakura Anmitsu", "Sakura Ice Cream", "Aisu Monaka (Cherry Blossom)

Anmitsu Mihamashi Sakura Anmitsu, Sakura Ice Cream, Aisu Monaka (Sakura)

Anmitsu Mihamashi announced on their official website that "Sakura Anmitsu", "Sakura Ice Cream" and "Aisu Monaka (Sakura)" will be available from March 3, 2023, and only Ueno main store will start selling from March 11. The Ueno main store will start selling it on March 11.



"Sakura Anmitsu" is topped with Mihashi's special Sakura ice cream. The slightly salty flavor goes well with the anmitsu and the sweet bean paste. The price is 760 yen (tax included). Sakura ice cream toppings are also available on the regular menu for an additional 160 yen.

Anmitsu Mihamashi "Sakura Anmitsu
mitsumame mixed with boiled cherry blossom and sweet bean jam

Sakura Ice


"Sakura Ice Cream" is also available as a stand-alone item. The cherry blossom ice cream, which is popular every year during the cherry blossom season, is paired with koshian (sweet bean paste). You can enjoy the sweet and slightly salty taste. The price is 580 yen.

Anmitsu Mihamashi "Sakura Ice Cream
cherry blossom ice cream

Aisu Monaka (

Cherry Bl

ossom) "Aisu Monaka (Cherry Blossom)" is a home-made version of the cherry blossom ice cream. It has a slightly salty, adult taste. It is tailored to go well with the savory flavor of monaka. It can be purchased as a souvenir at the Ueno main store and the Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C. store (Taka is a separate letter), and at other stores, it is sold for eating. The price is 300 yen.

Anmitsu Mihamashi "Aisu monaka (cherry blossom)
Aisu-zaka (cherry blossom)