Kentucky Fried Chicken "Teriyaki Tamago Twister".

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iyaki Tamago Twister" "Teriyaki Tamago Twister" will be available at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) stores nationwide on Wednesday, March 8. Sales will be limited and will end as soon as the product is gone.

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amago Twister Twister is KFC's classic wrap product with a base of kernel crispies and lettuce wrapped in a tortilla. Tortillas are a traditional thin bread popular in Mexico. Originally made from corn flour, KFC's tortillas are made from wheat flour, which is non-habit forming and easy to eat. It is a quick and easy way to get a good balance of meat and vegetables, and is recommended for lunch or when you are hungry.

A new product perfect for spring from Twister, Teriyaki Tamago Twister is wrapped with KFC's original teriyaki sauce and a soft, thickened egg (the egg is processed). The mild flavor of the half-boiled style egg is well mixed with the sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce to create a mellow taste.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Teriyaki Tamago Twister".

After considering more than 30 possible toppings to match the flavor of the teriyaki sauce, the half-boiled egg was selected from a list of more than 30 possible ingredients. In order to accentuate the flavor of the half-boiled egg, the base ingredients for the Twister were fine-tuned to achieve the optimum taste.

The price including tax is as follows

Teriyaki Tamago Twister 390 yen
・ Teriyaki Tamago Twister Set (Teriyaki Tamago Twister, Potato S, Drink M) 750 yen
・ Teriyaki Tamago Twister Box (Teriyaki Tamago Twister, Original Chicken, Potato S, Drink M, Biscuit) 950 yen

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Teriyaki Tamago Twister".

Some stores may not sell this item.
Prices differ for delivery.