Wendy's First Kitchen "Teriyaki Avocado Burger" and "Teriyaki Avocado Chicken Fillet Burger

Wendy's First Kitchen "Teriyaki Avocado Burger"

The "Teriyaki Avocado Burger," "Jr. Teriyaki Avocado Burger," and "Teriyaki Avocado Chicken Fillet Burger" will be available at all Wendy's First Kitchen restaurants on Thursday, March 9. This is a limited time offer, available only this spring.

The Teriyaki Avocado


is a fusion of American and Japanese flavors. The burger combines a satisfying 100% beef patty made with Wendy's special recipe, a soft and chewy bun, smooth and creamy avocado and mayonnaise, and an original teriyaki sauce made with soy sauce base, hatcho miso, garlic, and other seasonings. 800 yen for a single item.

Wendy's First Kitchen "Teriyaki Avocado Burger

Jr. Teriyaki Avocado Burger

A Jr. sized version of the Teriyaki Avocado Burger with a 50g (1.76oz) patty for easy enjoyment. A single item is priced at 500 yen.

Wendy's First Kitchen "Jr. Teriyaki Avocado Burger

Teriyaki Avocado Chicken Fillet Burger

The harmony of the original teriyaki sauce and creamy avocado makes this an addictive burger. A crispy batter with the delicious taste of garlic and onions is sandwiched between a soft chicken filet with the richness of buttermilk in a chunky Wendy's premium bun. 700 yen for a single item.

Teriyaki Avocado Chicken Fillet Burger" at Wendy's First Kitchen