Starbucks Princi "Tavola Pasta"
Tavola Pasta

Starbucks Princi

Tavola Pasta

STAR BUCKS' "Princi" brand will introduce a pasta menu called "Tavola Pasta". Three types of daily, weekly, and monthly specials will be available at the Starbucks Reserve Store Ginza Marronnier Dori in Ginza, Tokyo, starting March 10, 2023.


, Weekly, and Monthly

Specials Until now, Princci's has offered Italian breads, traditional pastries, pizza, salads, and other deli items, but now pasta will also be available so that customers can enjoy the culinary culture of Italy. The pasta will be prepared using recipes created by a chef with experience in Italy, and will change daily, weekly, and monthly.

Starbucks Princi "Tavola Pasta"

The menu includes cream pasta with salmon and potherb mustard using fresh pasta that allows you to enjoy the true flavor of wheat; "casalecce," a short pasta with an S-curve shape that combines the acidity of fresh tomatoes, basil, and ricotta cheese, which is typical of Italy, with a sauce that is well mixed in; and penne using baby sardines and rape blossoms, which is a dish that will make you savor the season. Penne with shirasu and rape blossoms, and other dishes that highlight the flavors of the ingredients carefully selected by the chef. Enjoy it as lunch.

Starbucks Princi "Tavola Pasta"

Prices are as follows. All prices include tax.

Daily 1,050 yen
・ Weekly 1,200 yen
・ Monthly 1,320 yen

All prices include salad. Bread is not included. Two slices of bread can be ordered separately for 100 yen. Eat-in only.
Starbucks Reserve Store Ginza Marronnier Dori
Address:3-7-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo