Kellogg's Oatmeal Crunch

Kellogg's Oatmeal

Crunch Kellogg's will sell Oatmeal Crunch. The product has a content of 150g (5.29oz) and an open price.


Crunch "Oatmeal Crunch" is characterized by the fact that "oatmeal can be eaten as is without cooking or preparation. In order to maintain the natural taste of oatmeal, the flavor is slightly sweetened and caramelized to match the savory taste of the ingredients. The crispy texture of the oatmeal can be enjoyed as is or with milk to keep it crispy and tasty.

Furthermore, the main ingredient is whole-grain oats flour, and one serving (40 g) of this product provides half a serving of dietary fiber*1 and 10 g*2 of protein when eaten with milk, making it a perfect product for busy mornings when you want to take in proper nutrition, or for snack time when you don't want to feel guilty.

1 One serving contains 6 g of protein, which is 1/3 of the Japanese Dietary Reference Intakes (2020 edition) target amount of 18 g (women 15-64 years).
* 2 Calculated based on the Japanese Food Composition Table 2020. 1 serving (40 g) + 10.6 g of protein in 200 g of regular milk.