Matsuya "Sauce-roasted pork cutlet bowl
Sauce-Yaki Katsu Don

Matsuya Sauce-Yaki Katsu-don

Sauce-Yaki Katsu-don will be available from Matsuya from March 7, 2023 at 15:00. The price is 590 yen for the regular size (tax included, same below) and 730 yen for the "double" size. To go is available, but in that case, an additional 60 yen will be charged if miso soup is added.


pork loin coated with dry breadcrumbs and grilled on a teppan grill The main dish is a crispy "yakikatsu" (grilled pork cutlet) made from pork loin coated with dry breadcrumbs and grilled on a teppan grill to a juicy, crunchy texture. The "Milanese cutlet," long popular in Italy, is arranged in the Matsuya style to suit Japanese rice.

The combination of sweet, crumbly rice, crisp raw vegetables, and a fried egg, topped with a chuno sauce, makes for a bowl of rice that is full of flavor. This new menu item is nostalgic in both appearance and taste, and is tailored to go well with Matsuya's "miso soup. It is available at all Matsuya stores nationwide except for some stores.

Matsuya "Sauce-roasted pork cutlet bowl

The campaign will offer 100 point

redemption for eating

"Sauce Yaki Katsu-don". 100 points will be awarded in addition to the regular point redemption for every purchase of "Sauce Yaki Katsu-don" and related menu items.

The date and time of the campaign is based on the date and time of receipt. The "Matsuya Mobile Order" eat-in ordering function is not eligible for this campaign. Points will not be awarded for the use of coupons or service vouchers.

Matsuya "Sauce Yaki Katsu Don" Campaign
Sauce Yaki Katsu Don Campaign