Seijo Ishii "smooth milk ice cream
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Seijo-Ishii New Ice Cream

Seijo-Ishii announced on its official website that "Kuchidokoro Smooth Milk Ice Cream", "Kuchidokoro Smooth Chocolate Ice Cream" and "Kuchidokoro Smooth Chocolate Ice Cream Coffee Ice Cream" will be available from March 1, 2023. Both are priced at 268.92 yen (tax included).

The series has undergone a number of prototypes in terms of milk fat content, chocolate usage rate, and coffee bean selection to ensure that a wide range of people, from children to the elderly, can enjoy it. Milk from Betsukai Town in Hokkaido, which boasts Japan's largest milk production, is used for the milk, and fresh cream is also from Hokkaido. Betsukai milk is sterilized at a relatively low temperature of 90°C for 30 seconds, which gives it a refreshing taste similar to freshly squeezed milk, with just the right amount of sweetness and richness.

The ice cream is also quickly frozen in a spiral freezer (quick freezer) at -40°C for about 30 minutes, which prevents ice crystallization and ensures that the ice cream is evenly frozen inside the container, leaving a smooth texture right to the last bite.



Ice Cream "Smooth-Throating Milk Ice Cream" is made with Betsukai milk, which has a mild and refreshing taste, and fresh cream from Hokkaido, to create a simple ice cream that lets you enjoy the aroma and sweetness of milk.

Seijo Ishii "smooth milk ice cream
Smooth milk ice cream



Ice Cream "Smooth Chocolate Ice Cream" is made with Seijo Ishii's own imported 72% cocoa couverture chocolate from France, which gives the ice cream a rich, deep and elegant flavor.

Seijo Ishii "Smooth Chocolate Ice Cream
Smooth chocolate ice cream


Coffee Ice Cream "Smooth Coffee Ice Cream" is made with Seijo Ishii's original coffee beans, "Caffe Italiano," and not only the extract but also the finely ground beans are mixed into the ice cream. The aroma and flavor of the coffee spreads through your mouth, and the texture of the coffee beans can also be enjoyed.

Seijo Ishii "smooth coffee ice cream
Smooth coffee ice cream

It is sold exclusively at Seijo Ishii frozen food stores.