DEAN & DELUCA "Strawberry Banana Juice
Strawberry Banana Juice

DEAN & DELUCA Strawberry Banana Juice

DEAN & DELUCA will introduce a seasonal drink called "Strawberry Banana Juice" as part of Dole's "Mottainai Banana" initiative to reduce fruit loss. The menu will be available at all café stores and some market stores from March 1 to April 30, 2023. The price is 590 yen for the S size (tax included, same below) and 740 yen for the M size.

This is an initiative that will continue into 2022.

Strawberries and ripe bananas are combined, and each cup is made with "Mottainai Banana" by mixing it in a blender after receiving an order. You can enjoy the rich flavor of the whole fruit.

Juicy Ban

ana Muffin The classic sweet "Juicy Banana Muffin" is also made with "Mottainai Banana" to make it moist. The oil-based batter, which is infused with orange juice after baking, has an elegant sweetness with a hint of sweet and sour citrus. Priced at 395 yen per piece.

DEAN & DELUCA "Juicy Banana Muffin

Banana P

ancake The "Mottainai Banana" is also used in the "Banana Pancake," another classic sweet. Fresh fruit pulp is added generously to the batter and toppings. This simple baked cake is easy for children to eat, with the natural sweetness and freshness of bananas. Priced at 420 yen per piece.

DEAN & DELUCA "Banana Pancake
Banana Pancake

The contents of the menu may vary depending on the store. For details, please contact each store directly.