Godiva "Cookies & Cocoa Chocolixer".
Cookies & Cocoa Chocolate Chocolixer


ie & Cocoa Chocolixer A new flavor of GODIVA's chocolate drink "Chocolixer," "Cookie & Cocoa Chocolixer," will be available in limited quantities from March 17 to May 18, 2023, at stores selling Chocolixer nationwide. The price is 700 yen for the regular size (210 ml, tax included, for To go) and 790 yen for the large size (350 ml, tax included).

Rich and deep flavor of dark chocolate and cocoa cookies

The combination of Godiva's dark chocolate and cocoa-flavored cookies gives the drink a rich and deep flavor.

The whipped cream and cookies are topped with cocoa powder. The sweetness of the chocolate, the bitterness of the cocoa powder, and the crispy texture of the cookies can be enjoyed. The use of chocolate cookie syrup and slightly bitter cocoa powder gives the drink a taste that even adults can enjoy.

Cocoa-flavored cookie chips are used in the base of the drink and as toppings, allowing you to enjoy the gentle taste of cocoa and the crunchy texture of the cookies. The rich taste of chocolate fills the mouth, making this a drink for chocolate lovers.