Cafe COMSA "Hinamatsuri no Mille Crepe" (Doll Festival)

Cafe COMSA Hinamatsuri

no Mille


Hinamatsuri no Mille Crepe, a mille crepe celebrating Hinamatsuri, will be available from Cafe COMSA on March 3 only. Café COMSA has designated the third day of every month as "Mi (3) Crepe Day" and is offering fruit-filled Mille Crepe sandwiches. Priced at 1,700 yen per piece (tax included, price and design differ for Ginza store).

Mille Crepe is a French word meaning "a thousand crepes," consisting of several layers of crepes with cream and fruit sandwiched in between.

The colors of Hishimochi, which symbolize Hinamatsuri, have their own meanings: red (pink) = the color of the sun to ward off evil; white = purity and pure white snow/prosperity of offspring; green = tansy (mugwort) for health and strong life force; each symbolizes the wish for healthy growth and the love from parents to their children. Each water chestnut is sandwiched with cream of the respective color and decorated with seasonal strawberries with the skill of our pastry chefs.