Acure Maid Nippon Ale "Tochigi Tochiotome Strawberry

Tochigi Tochiotome


, a beverage containing 20% Tochiotome juice produced in Tochigi Prefecture, will be sold as a dual brand product of "acure made <acure made>" and "Nippon Ale". The product will go on sale on March 7 in 280 ml PET bottles for 200 yen (tax included).


Tochiotome Strawberry Tochigi Tochiotome Strawberry, an "unlikely" 20% fruit juice strawberry drink created by JA Zen-Noh & JR East. It offers well-balanced acidity and sweetness, and a fluffy sweet aroma.

Tochigi Prefecture will produce approximately 20,000 tons of strawberries in 2022, including 16,000 tons of Tochiotomi strawberries. However, no matter how carefully and lovingly they are grown, there are still some strawberries that cannot be distributed as fresh fruits due to blemishes on the stems and leaves, uneven colors caused by exposure to the sun, or uneven shapes. By utilizing these strawberries not for fresh fruit but for processing, it is possible to reduce food loss. The "Tochigi Tochiotome Strawberry" to be released this time is also made from strawberries for processing, and we will convey the deliciousness of Tochigi Tochiotome to as many people as possible, mainly at JR East Ekinka.

To celebrate the launch, vending machines dedicated to strawberry drinks will be installed at Tokyo and Utsunomiya stations from March 7, 2023. Tochigi Tochiotome Strawberry will also be sold at a fair featuring Tochigi strawberries and strawberry-related products to be held at Square Zero in Tokyo Station from March 15 to 17, 2023.