Choco Monaka Jumbo" renewed!

Morinaga Seika Choco Monaka Jumbo

Morinaga Seika will sell a renewed Choco Monaka Jumbo.

The "Jumbo Group" is carrying out "freshness marketing," a company-wide effort to pursue a crispy texture. In the spring of 2021, we developed a manufacturing technology for the "Vanilla Monaka Jumbo" to maintain the texture of the Monaka, creating a "chocolate wall" and were considering the possibility of implementing the same technology for the "Choco Monaka Jumbo.

We had not been able to achieve this due to the complexity of the structure, but after five years of study, we were finally able to create a "chocolate wall" in the "Choco Monaka Jumbo". The taste has also been brushed up to be more delicious.


Wall The chocolate filling covers both sides of the vanilla ice cream to prevent moisture absorption from the gap between the top and bottom Monaka. This is a new technology that has been five years in the making, and was realized by developing the quality of the chocolate that sticks to the sides of the ice cream and carefully designing the area to be covered.