Sakiyo-ken "Shokado Bento - Sakuraebi Gohan
Shokado Bento - Sakuraebi gohan (rice with sakura shrimp)

Shokado Bento -

Sakuraebi G

ohan - Sakiyoken Shokado Bento - Sakuraebi Gohan - will be available as a limited time menu item from Sakiyoken. Reservations are being accepted at approximately 160 stores mainly in Kanagawa and Tokyo. In addition, approximately 40 stores in Kanagawa and 50 stores in Tokyo will sell the bento in-store without reservations. The sales period is from March 1 to May 31, 2023. The price is 1,380 yen (tax included).

The series is designed with "kaiseki" cuisine in mind, with

rice cooked with sakura shrimp and topped with fried sakura shrimp and spicy rape blossoms

. The staple "Sakuraebi Gohan" is, as the name suggests, rice cooked with sakura shrimp and topped with "sakuraebi stir-fried and simmered", "rape blossoms with spicy sauce", and "pickled sakura daikon", allowing you to enjoy the brightly colored appearance and rich aroma of sakura shrimp.

Japanese dishes include "Min-onion and squid with vinegared yolk" with crunchy and sweet spring onion and soft squid with mild and refreshing yolk vinegar, and "Tofu paste with wild vegetables" with crunchy potato stems, princess bamboo, strawberries, and wood ear.

The grilled dish includes "Konnyaku no Kiname Miso Dengaku," konnyaku coated with konnyaku and grilled with kinome miso, which has a refreshing flavor of sansho (Japanese pepper); "Chicken Tsukune Skewers with Neri Ume Glaze and Colorful Vegetables (Shishito pepper, red bell pepper)," which is a chicken Tsukune with a crisp cartilage texture that has been savory grilled and finished with a refreshing flavor of Neri Ume. The "Chicken Tsukune skewers with ume plum paste," "Colorful fried vegetables (shishito, red bell pepper)," and "Thick-boiled egg" with a slightly sweet flavor are included.

Sakiyo-ken "Shokado Bento - Sakuraebi Gohan" package
Shokado Bento - Sakuraebi Gohan - Package

The simmered dishes include "simmered bamboo shoots with tips", "simmered carrot in plum shape" and "simmered lotus root in white", all of which are in season in spring. Steamed dishes include two bite-sized "old-fashioned siu-mai" with the flavor of pork and dried scallops. Vinegared "Mozuku, scallion and wakame seaweed" is a refreshing combination of three seasonal ingredients, chopped ginger and vinegar. For sweetness, a cool "Mizu-manju with green tea bean paste" is added.