Kibun "Sumikko Gurashi Kamaboko

Kibun Sumikko Gurashi Kamaboko Renewed

Kibun Shokuhin's "Sumikko Gurashi Kamaboko" has been renewed. The new "Tonkatsu" from Sumikko Gurashi, a character from San-X, will be available from March 13, 2023, in packs of four, at an estimated price of 222 yen (tax included).

Kibun "Sumikko Gurashi Kamaboko" package
Sumikko Gurashi Kamaboko Package


" will be available as a set with "Shirokuma"

! This is a collaboration with "Sumikko Gurashi," which is popular among children and people of all ages. The long-awaited "tonkatsu" (pork cutlet), which Sumikko Gurashi fans have been waiting for, will be available as a set with "shirokuma" (white bear). It is useful not only for lunch boxes, but also as a topping for regular menu items. Easy-to-use individually packaged type

Kibun "Sumikko Gurashi Kamaboko" Tonkatsu
Sumikko Gurashi Kamaboko Pork Cutlet

The "Tonkatsu" is a combination of "Tonkatsu no Hajikko" (the first part of Tonkatsu). It is 1% meat, 99% shibo, and left over because it is too greasy. The Sumikko Gurashi fish cake is made of fish cake.

Kibun "Sumikko Gurashi Kamaboko" Shirokuma
Sumikko Gurashi Kamaboko Shirokuma

Shirokuma" is a bear that has escaped from the north, and is cold and shy. He is most at home when he is sitting in Sumikko with a cup of warm tea.

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