Ginza KOJI CORNER "Strawberry and red bean paste choux

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Strawberry

and Anko Puffs" "Strawberry and Anko Puffs" will be on sale at Ginza KOJI CORNER fresh cake stores from March 4 (Sat) to around March 30 (Thu). The price is 367 yen (tax included).

Strawberry and

red bean

paste puffs Recently, red bean paste has been attracting attention in the sweets world. Long-established Japanese confectionery stores, up-and-coming confectionery stores, and bakeries are developing sweets using anko one after another, and "neo-wagashi," or Japanese confectioneries that pursue new possibilities for anko, are emerging.

Against the backdrop of the popularity of anko, Ginza Cosy Corner also launched "Souffle Waffle (tsubu-an & whipped cream)" last September. The waffle dough sandwiched between tsubuan and whipped cream was well received as a Western-style dorayaki.

This time, Ginza Cosy Corner has developed a "Strawberry and Anko Puff" that brings out the taste and charm of anko (red bean paste) in its flagship sweet, cream puffs. The sweetness of the red bean paste and the sweetness of the strawberries when you bite into the strawberry daifuku, and the milky flavor of the cream puff that overflows from the puff pastry skin when you bite into the cream puff. This hybrid sweet combines the delicious bliss points of both sweets.

Ginza KOJI CORNER "Strawberry and red bean paste choux

Grain red bean paste is used so that the rich flavor of azuki can be enjoyed even more. While the presence of azuki can be felt, a moderate amount of azuki bean paste is used to avoid over-assertion.

The cream is blended with condensed milk to produce a milky flavor that goes well with the red bean paste. The milky sweetness of the cream and the richness & sweetness of the grains of red bean paste are in perfect harmony.

The juicy sweetness of the strawberries creates a delicious aftertaste. Another layer of milk cream is squeezed under the red bean paste. Remove the top puff pastry crust and use a fork to add your favorite amount of milk cream and red bean paste, or add your favorite fruit.

There are no fresh cake stores in Hokkaido, Kyushu, Fukui, Kyoto, Shiga, Tottori, Shimane, Yamaguchi, Ehime, and Kochi prefectures.