Suntory Foods International "Craft Boss Unsweet Italiano

Craft Boss Sweet Not


From Suntory Foods International's "Craft Boss" coffee series, a new product, "Craft Boss Sweet Not Italiano" will be available. The product will go on sale on April 11, 2011, in 500 ml PET bottles, priced at 190 yen (excluding tax).

In response to requests from consumers who drink lattes at cafes and over the counter coffee shops in convenience stores for a latte with a satisfying taste of coffee and milk without the sweetness, Suntory has developed a new latte with a "rich coffee and milk taste without the sweetness," which is made possible by Suntory's proprietary technology. Craft Boss Unsweet Italiano" will go on sale in Japan.

The new drink combines the "richness of coffee and milk," and by reducing the sweetness to maximize the flavor, it has a satisfying taste despite being a PET-bottled latte.

BOSS's flavor creation technology was utilized to blend plant-derived ingredients in addition to dairy ingredients to achieve a satisfying milk flavor without any peculiarities. The use of drip coffee blended with deep-roasted "Italian roast" beans provides a deep, rich taste that goes well with the rich milkiness of the drink.