Chirorucoco "Melon Pan [Bag]".


Tyrol Chocolate Products "Melon Pan [Bag]" and "Tyrol Chocolate [

Hokkaido Soft Milk & Chocolate]" New products "Melon Pan [Bag]" and "Tyrol Chocolate [Hokkaido Soft Milk & Chocolate]" will be released by Tyrol Chocolate on March 6, 2012.

Melon Pan


The Melon Pan, which attracted attention even before its release and was so popular that some stores sold out when it was released as a stand-alone product in 2022, is now available in a bag. The Melon Pan flavor chocolate is filled with butter cookies and pomegranate to recreate the crispy part of Melon Pan. The bottom is made of baked melon bread flavored chocolate to express the wheatiness and aroma of the bread.

Chirorucoco "Melon Pan [Bag]".

There are two types of cute individual package designs. The standard package size is 7 pieces, priced at 108 yen (tax included).

Chirorucoco "Melon Pan [Bag]".

Some stores may not carry the product. Sales will end as soon as the product is gone.

A large bag of easy-to-eat half-size regular Tyrol


. The new product follows the design of last year's popular "Hokkaido Milk Cookies & Cream.

Tyrol Chocolate [Hokkaido Soft Milk & Chocolate].

This assortment bag allows you to enjoy two different flavors. The crispy texture of the fiantine is wrapped in white chocolate and milk chocolate made with Hokkaido milk.

Tyrol Chocolate [Hokkaido Soft Milk & Chocolate].

The top of the chocolate is randomly encased with the letters "chi," "ro," "lu," "chi," "yo," and "ko," weighing 103 grams (including the individual wrappers) and priced at 324 yen (tax included).

Tyrol Chocolate [Hokkaido Soft Milk & Chocolate].

The popular

half-size series of Tyrol Chocolates

is a large bag type that is easy to share with family and friends, and has been released in half-size versions of popular standard flavors such as "Mini Milk" in August 2021, "Mini Bis (currently discontinued)" in October, and "Hokkaido Milk Cookies & Cream (currently discontinued)" in March 2022. In March 2022, "Hokkaido Milk Cookies & Cream (currently discontinued)" was added to the lineup.

Half-size series of Tyrol Chocolates