Classified Foods "Gelana Pistachio" and "Gelana Hazelnut

Kracifoods "Gelana"

Kracifoods has launched a new brand "Gelana," which allows customers to easily enjoy flavors popular at gelato shops. Gelana Pistachio, Gelana Hazelnut, and Gelana Pistachio (Multi) will be available at supermarkets and drugstores nationwide on March 6.



An ice cream bar made with American pistachio paste and pistachio nuts. Lorraine rock salt perfectly enhances the sweetness and flavor of the pistachio ice cream, giving it a rich taste that pistachio lovers will enjoy. Recommended for a luxurious sweet treat or as a reward for yourself. Capacity 70 ml.

Classified Foods "Gelana Pistachio

Gelana Hazelnut

: A chocolatey ice cream bar with the delicious taste of hazelnuts. You can fully enjoy the delicious taste of hazelnut ice cream enhanced with cacao and the texture of hazelnuts. Capacity 70 ml.

Classified Foods "Gelana Hazelnut

Gelana Pistachio (multi

) A multi-pack of 5 bars to enjoy a light pistachio ice cream. American pistachio paste is used, and Lorraine rock salt enhances the sweetness and flavor. Just the right size for an after-dinner dessert or after a bath. Capacity 50 ml x 5 bottles.

Classified Foods "Gelana Pistachio (Multi)