Meiji ESSEL SUPER CUP Strawberry Custard

Meiji ESSEL SUPER CUP Strawberry


From the "Meiji ESSEL SUPER CUP" series, which has gained popularity as a standard cup ice cream, "Meiji ESSEL SUPER CUP Strawberry Custard" will be released nationwide on March 6, 2023. Limited time offer.

The "Meiji ESSEL Supercup

" limited time flavor

Recently, "custard" has been attracting attention as a trend in sweets, and products using "custard" are being developed at convenience stores and commercial facility fairs. Custard" is also popular as a seasonal flavor of Meiji Essle Supercup, and "Meiji Essle Supercup Strawberry Custard" will be available for a limited time as a new flavor combining "strawberry," which is popular in spring.

Meiji ESSEL SUPER CUP Strawberry Custard

The flavor is a smooth, firm and rich custard ice cream made with egg yolks and mixed with a strawberry pulp sauce that has been carefully balanced in terms of sourness and sweetness. The flavor is like a cup of dessert, with the gorgeousness of strawberries and the richness of custard, and can be enjoyed to the very end.

The product is 200 ml in volume and is priced at 172 yen (tax included).