Lutao "Griotte Fromage

Otaru Confectionery Lutao's


riotte Fromage

" 10th

Night-Only Sweets Otaru Confectionery Lutao's 10th night-only sweets, "Griotte Fromage," will be available from Friday, February 24 until early April. It is available at the special website of the official Lutao online store and at the Otaru Confectionary Shop Lutao main store.

Griotte Fromage

Cheesecake with a triple combination of white chocolate, cheese, and griotte cherries. The milk cheese mousse, rare cheese mousse, milk napage on the surface, and griotte cherry jam inside melt together and leave a deep and lingering taste. The elegant melt-in-your-mouth texture spreads out in perfect balance.

Lutao "Griotte Fromage

The milk cheese mousse is made with Hokkaido milk and Lutao's special cream, while the rare cheese mousse has a refreshing aftertaste. The milk napage is based on white chocolate, with the richness of Hokkaido milk and Rutao's special fresh cream.

Lutao "Griotte Fromage

Griotte cherries have a moderate sourness and a unique deep flavor. The jam retains the freshness and pulpiness of the cherries.

Lutao "Griotte Fromage

The 12cm-diameter jar is priced at 2,268 yen (990 yen including tax and excluding shipping).

Lutao official online shop】
Dolce notte con LeTAO special site
Sales period: Friday, February 24 - scheduled for early April
Hours: limited to weekdays from 19:00 - 24:00

[Sales outlet]
Otaru Confectionary Shop Lutao Main Store (limited sales)
Sales period: Friday, February 24 - scheduled for early April
Hours: 9:00 - 18:00 (hours of operation Opening hours may be shortened)

* When the limited quantity is reached, the product may be temporarily sold out.
Limited quantities available at both the store and online store, and will end when gone.

Sweets sold only at night

"Dolce notte con LeTAO" is a limited project of Otaru Confectionary Shop LeTAO and its official online store. With the idea of "making the evening time spent at home a special time to choose a reward," special sweets sold exclusively at the store are available for a limited time only at night through the mail order.